Mariel Ogurek     Vice President of Recruitment, Theta Psi Chapter

Mariel Ogurek

Vice President of Recruitment, Theta Psi Chapter


I’d like to start out by thanking you for your interest in the Panhellenic sororities here at Columbia University and would like to welcome you to Alpha Chi Omega’s website. Joining Alpha Chi is one of the best decisions I made at Columbia, and I hope that, through formal recruitment, you will find a sisterhood that makes you feel welcomed and at home–just as I do.

Throughout my college experience, I have not met a more inspiring group of people. I feel so lucky to call these women my sisters. My sisters are strong, talented, and kind. They are  industrious, dedicated, and passionate women. Most importantly, my sisters are genuine women who create a sisterhood that uplifts every one of its members. I am pushed to be the best version of myself when I am surrounded by such incredible women. I am constantly impressed by the loyalty and devotion each member shows towards one another and the support network that has been built between us. My amazement with my sisters extends to the classroom as well–from financial economics to biomedical engineering to dance, every sister is devoted to her area of study..I also admire their commitments to extracurricular activities beyond Alpha Chi, be it a varsity sport or the Varsity Show, my sisters’ involvement throughout the Columbia/Barnard community inspires me. .  

Joining Alpha Chi Omega means joining a national community of women who all exhibit strong character, leadership ability, academic interest, and personal development. Sisters extend to a multitude of campuses across the country, and their legacy goes back to our founding date in 1885. It is truly a valuable and significant experience that we are fortunate enough to share with one another.  

On behalf of my sisters, I want to thank you for visiting our website and for taking the time to get to know our sisterhood. I encourage you to follow our social media platforms to keep up with what we are up to throughout the year. I have met my closest friends through joining Alpha Chi and I hope you can too.You will form bonds and friendships that will grow to last a lifetime when you become a member of Alpha Chi and you will see there is strength in our sisterhood.  I hope to see you during formal recruitment!


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